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    Disqus Name : chattycathy123 That's okay. It is only until the next election, and the new president will go forward with it and it will pass and everyone will say it is the proper thing to do. Most candidates already agree..and. Link : Obama Loses Second Bid to Implement Immigration Overhaul : Last commented by pnmax-ad3a45f2c9edbf1b43fbda3d97b1cf5b about 0 minutes ago

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    Disqus Name : Debbie Job Growth? Is that why all the blacks are rioting and being paid to commit anarchy. There are no jobs for these people..and..least of all the shovel ready jobs. You are all liars. Link : Obama Loses Second Bid to Implement Immigration Overhaul : Last commented by pnmax-566a9968b43628588e76be5a85a0f9e8 about 0 minutes ago

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    Disqus Name : noneuknow The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions, but the Law relies on the English language in this country. The English language in the Affordable Care Act says what it says. Good intentions, or..and. Link : NYTimes: Four Words Could Sink Obamacare : Last commented by pnmax-3ad892bdaabb05ff82f38cf0a0744a47 about 0 minutes ago

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    Disqus Name : WhatTha Nancy Pelosi said "You have to pass it to see what's in it." Every talk show, especially Fox, and especially RIGHT NOW, should be making fun of that befuddled old bag! "Mrs. Pelosi, would you like..and. Link : Senate GOP Backing Plan to Extend Obamacare Subsidies : Last commented by pnmax-9c847be3a6f8d55322f38ebdb347d6f4 about 1 minute ago