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  • AaronWrightUser Name : AaronWright
    Disqus Name : Aaron Wright I'm currently developing a tool that does exactly this. ( You start by setting a goal, then you can organize it into a to-do list of steps to reach that goal. For example, if you want..more here. Link : Forget Goal Setting, Focus On Systems : Last commented by AaronWright about 1 hour ago

  • disqus_sjsPFajsMXUser Name : disqus_sjsPFajsMX
    Disqus Name : Si P Thanks Alyson. It just dawns on me after reading your article that all we talk about at friends and family gatherings these days are our work. It's sad to think about it. I'll make a resolution to..more here. Link : You Are Not Your Job : Last commented by disqus_sjsPFajsMX about 2 hours ago

  • sarahwillettUser Name : sarahwillett
    Disqus Name : Sarah Willett The most brilliant article I've read all year. Thank you. I'm navigating out of a toxic work environment and your point of "who [do] you want to be" could not be more on task. Link : You Are Not Your Job : Last commented by sarahwillett about 5 hours ago

  • chadrallenUser Name : chadrallen
    Disqus Name : Chad R. Allen I started a CC a couple years ago b/c of The Accidental Creative, and it's been life giving! Link : The Benefit of Starting a Creative Circle : Last commented by chadrallen about 7 hours ago