Numus Software

Numus Software specialises in computer diagnostic software for Windows PCs, Laptops, Tablets and any other form factor running Windows.

We use cutting edge technologies like Elastic Search for matching billions of hardware device ID variations with Software device drivers. Some live political information can be found here

  • data recovery disk screen shot

    Numus Software's data recovery boot disk.

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    Numus Software's code monkeys office.

  • all the windows operating systems

    Numus Software's Windows factory reset system.

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    Numus Software's customer waiting room.

About us

data recovery disk

Numus Software is a dynamic company that produces driver recovery and data recovery software for use at home by dummies! If your computer has eaten your files, we can help you to reclaim them without any nosey technicians going through them!

It can fix problems in Windows, Linux, iPhone and Android operating systems.

We also provide commercial services for software and application development, IT hardware management & web design.

Any Windows OS

windows logo ona blue background

Major vendors such as Acer, Dell, HP Compaq and many more are under pressure from Microsoft to only support the latest operating system for their new hardware.

So for example if you buy a laptop with Windows 8, the manufacturer will not support Windows 7 or any drivers for that machine. Our unique device hardware ID to device driver matching technology allows you to insert any Microsoft OS on any computer as long as the minimum hardware specifications are met.

Data matching

screenshot with big data written on it

We use cutting edge database analytics algorithms using our 5 node Elastic Search cluster on the Digital Ocean hosting platform. This allows us to match billions of software drivers and hardware id's in a fraction of a second.